How to Enhance Your Lead Conversion Market Results

By Jon Taylor | July 17, 2018 | 0 Comments

One of the surest and fastest ways to boost the marketing results of a business is to work on the lead conversion or the sales process. For most small and micro-enterprises, the lack of a systematic approach to the selling process is the biggest undoing in their marketing strategies. Online advertising almost always focuses its […]

Marketing For Coaches : Start Here

MARKETING FOR COACHES Start here for a step by step method of creating content that will engage your clients, grow your audience and generate more income for your business. Click on any of the images […]

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Marketing For Coaches : M.A.P. your Massive Action Plan

Whoa Nelly, this is where we the heavy hits the metal and we start ROCKIN!!!  Yes it is. The Massive Action Plan is the strategy before the tactics. The biggest shift in my business happened […]

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Marketing For Coaches – Creating Content.

Content creation for Coaches, Healer, Speakers and Motivators. When we began this process I said that you can start anywhere as long as you do all the steps.  It is essential that the first four are down […]

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Marketing For Coaches -Creating your Product

Your Product Defines your Business As coaches and healers, we have a set of tools that we can use to use to address the clients situation before us.  This is a  gift because it is […]

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Quote Cards- What are they and how can I use them ?

QUOTE CARD This is a fantastic component of any marketing campaign.  A quote card is an image with one of your quotes on it to help solidify your brand.  There are some trick and hacks […]

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Marketing For Coaches: Outcome – Defining what you would like to achieve from your marketing

What do you want to accomplish with your marketing efforts? Having a very clear goal and outcome in mind will define your marketing project.  You may have a goal of writing a book, creating a […]

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