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Create an Online Course to help scale your business and develop an evergreen source of income. 



MKE VIDEO will set your company apart by creating a cinematic,  energetic video that will get your customers in the door. 


Micro Learning Systems allow you to distribute content to  your employees in less time with greater retention and engagement.

Build trust and loyalty with your Clients through engaging video!

“His work blew away my expectations! He has an incredibly creative outlook and can picture the solution to your problem even when you don’t know it yourself. I strongly recommend Jon to anyone looking for video production!” 

Ben Krall

Personal Results Specialist, Anthony Robbins Institute

Micro Learning Systems

Enhance and scale your learning and development programs with interactive employee training videos that can be viewed from anywhere.

Micro-Learning Systems are an effective and efficient method to distribute information to your audience.

Micro Learning is a method of reorganizing information into segments that can be processed easier by the viewer. In your organization you may have run into a time when you have struggled to get people on board with an initiative or concept and Micro Learning Segments can help solve this for you.


Deliver benefits, compliance information and company culture through Micro Learning Segments that can get your new hire productive faster

Save time effort and money onboarding your staff with Micro Learning segments to efficiently deliver required onboarding knowledge.’

Give your new hires the information they need to succeed.
Efficient employee onboarding is an essential part of every organization’s learning and development activities and video is the perfect tool to enhance your onboarding programs.


It can be a challenge to deliver new policies and introduce new compliance objectives when you are day trading for people’s attention. The overwhelm of information can shut down the ability to learn effectively.

You can use Micro Learning Systems as a valuable change management tool to implement your new initiatives with easy to understand segments. By using visual cues, repetition, and guides there is an opportunity to deliver content over a longer time frame.



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