We create Video to grow your business.  I want to know about you and what makes you tick.  Why you created this business you are in.  Let's make a story of it and get the cameras rolling and share your passion with the world.


Our Social Accelerator takes your content strategy and turns it to 11.  We have developed a brilliant method to exponentially grow your social  media presence in a fraction of the time.


You will probably want your site updated or maybe completely re-worked.  We are WordPress Ninja's and can create an amazing site for your business.

SOCIAL ACCELERATOR is media content that can be processed for multi platform distribution.  We are trading peoples attention on a minute by minute basis vying for our message to be understood. Your customers are on many different platforms at many different times and everyone and everything is saying “Look at me !”. This requires your message to be everywhere all the time. The Solution : Optimizing and planning your content to work for you. Scale your marketing to create the greatest impact.


Our team will develop a strategy to use your time effectively to create the MAXIMUM IMPACT. The ancient method was to create a piece of video content, then a blog, then a post , a Tweet, an Instagram. Our new method is to craft videos which can extrapolated into multi platform content. It’s brilliant. We turn a couple of hours a month into weeks worth of engagement with your end users.


The Social Accelerator is a great way to leverage your time and develop a brand that is aligned with the heart and soul of your organization.




What we do

We create video and social media marketing content.  We are obsessed with creating incredible content to generate dramatic increases in your income. The sign in our office says " We are here to make you rich" , that is our motto and it's what drives us . A lot of you have this same approach to business and that's why you own your business.   Let's connect and discuss what you are doing and how we can help.

Video ::

MKEVIDEO uses the latest technology and provides professional on-site videography.  Our team provides multi-camera conference coverage to capture your presentation, the audience and your story in beautiful cinematic 4k Ultra High Definition.  Once in post MKEVIDEO edits your work using the latest tech where we can add your branding at the beginning and end, motion graphics and titling to give your project a professional finish.  The technicians in the studio also create custom 3D graphics, color correction, and custom sound design. When your project is finished we will upload your material to our secure servers and deploy final edits to your social platforms.

Content Development ::

Content Development is what your company needs in order to grow. The world is connected to social media and we are all day trading for our customers attention.  If you are tending to your customers need for information, you will be be successful.  The formula is easy.  Create more and better content than your competition and over time you will be the winner.  That takes dedication, time and effort.  MKE VIDEO is your partner in developing content to increase your income and make your life better.


Are you ready to get your business ROCKIN!!  Let's talk about how you can begin to have more time to focus your work and let us handle your social.

As a coach, consultant and speaker,

 ....I rely on Jon to provide business advice on everything from design to digital marketing. His depth and breadth of knowledge exceeds anything I have found in other experts in these areas. His friendly, enthusiastic, professional approach energizes me to take my business to the next level. I highly recommend solopreneurs seek him out when they are ready to grow their practice. I look forward to continuing to partner with Jon to create Digital Media Products that will help me serve my clients in the near future

Therese Heeg  //  Lifeworks Coach Center

Jon, is amazingly talented!

His work blew away my expectations! He has an incredibly creative outlook and can picture the solution to your problem even when you don’t know it yourself. I strongly recommend Jon to anyone looking for any film/video related needs!

BEN KRAL  //  Tony Robbins Personal Results Specialist