The Internet is loaded with ‘how to’ blogs and videos on getting your business on line.  They start out telling you about how great google is how many videos are on YouTube.  You here the same shtick over and over.  We get it.  Business video works.

So let’s cut to it.

Myth :  If you pay someone to teach you that “secret” your video will be successful.  False.

Truth : There is no secret. There are a series of techniques you follow that are pretty common sense.  You can do the steps or pay someone to do it for you.  If you have time to experiment and learn these techniques, YouTube has millions of videos to watch on how to do this. If you don’t have time there are plenty of companies that can provide this service for you.

Here is a list of great resources to get your business on Youtube and optimized.

Three basics before we get started.

1. Schedule the time to get this done on time. Your video, blog, or any content you develop needs to be put out in the world at a scheduled time and you have to commit.  Putting out a blog or video “whenever” you have the time will result in disappointing return and no real traction.  Put out your video at a precise time and date every week.  This is the most important thing.  It won’t work if you don’t do this.


2. Learn , try, experiment.  Try 10 different topics, see what works and use those ideas.  Ditch the ideas that don’t.  Try more and repeat this forever.  You will never know everything and you always have everything to learn.


3. Use your own Genuine helpful voice when writing.  No selling. No jargon.  No vertical tech cloud based disruptive blah blah. I had a lot of trouble with this in the beginning. I am pre-programmed to sell in business jargon. Don’t do it.  I try to think “how would I explain this to my grandpa”.


Ten useful resources to create video for your business in no particular or ranking, they are all awesome in there own way.


10. Directr

An iOs app that is super easy to use and you can create fantastic business videos with out having to go to film school.  The app downloads and you can edit right from your iOs.  Not available for Android yet.

9. Rawshorts

Raw shorts offers an easy to use Explainer Video Software.  It is all drag and drop.  Simple interface.  Great way to get past the camera shy excuse.  You can do the voice over and assemble a demonstration on how your company can be benefit to your client.

8. VideoScribe

Videoscribe is a whiteboard drawing program to create explainer video or show your clients info with a professional interface.  Great companion screen capture software.

7. Fiverr is the greatest resource for getting stuff made for your video or blog.  By stuff I mean jingles, graphics, donuts, thirds, logo presenter or whatever you can imagine.  Its just awesome.  It’s all really inexpensive and the competition is so intense you get really great stuff for cheap.

6. Jamendo

Music for personal use.  Great selection of music and it is referred by  I personally like it cause we find really unique foreign language music and the selection is enormous.

5. Muvee

Muze is a nice little video editing software where you can assemble clips add graphics and output a finished video for your Youtube or Rumble channel.  They offer a nice free trial so you can try it out see if it will work for your projects.

4. Animoto

Animoto is one of our favorite cause its super powerful and free. You can download your video add annotations and it has a great music library to enhance your videos. It has a great tutorial section on how to use this software for specific businesses like realtors or educators.

3. Powtoon

Powtoon is a great explainer video software.  Really easy to use and there is free sign up. If you try it out and you like it buy the year subscription it is 65% off right now. Make sure you are going to dedicate enough blogs and landing pages to make the purchase viable.


2. Youtube

Yes, youtube.  Turn on the camera on your laptop and start talking. That’s how it all began and we sometimes forget people just want to see another person. Youtube has some good color enhancement tools, editing capability and you will have to get familiar with the annotation tools to make your video more effective.


1. Vimeo

Vimeo is a great resource for posting your video because it is the artists video place.  If your video is on Vimeo it is considered to be a cinematic work.  We post up all of the artists we work with videos to Vimeo because the audience is there.  Youtube is everyone and Vimeo is a bit more refined.



Because we try to be Awesome and give you extra all the time we included a bonus resource.


What ? , yeah its new ( year old ) and it is a direct competitor to youTube and Facebook.  The difference is the pay for your content.  Developing content can be bringing people through your funnel or it can be generating views and cash for those views.  Rumble is the dark horse and has some niche viewers that may beneficial to your company.  The site seems to have a lot about DIY cooking techniques and other DIY projects.  The content changes so don’t take my word for it try it out.  If you sign up use

This one of our referral links.


Summary :

The resources out there change daily, but they provide everything you need to overcome every excuse you an muster up.  It is hardwork and will take a lot of dedication on your part to get this done.  Our company builds website shells for people and the thing we run in to is people commit to the idea and then don’t dedicate the time to it.  Successful bloggers, Vloggers, content creators stick to a schedule and don’t make excuses for getting it done.  They are the successful people in creating inbound marketing.  When you pay someone, that is what you are paying for, as a business owner you are probably smart enough to figure out how to do all these things.  Probably lack the time to do it.  I hear a lot of business owners start out and say yes I can make this time.  The reality is once you get started it takes a lot of time in the beginning.  There is a lot of set up , figuring and tweaking.  Once you get going it doesn’t take long to make content and you feel more comfortable doing it.


We hope this information proves useful, it works for our company.  If you have any questions please be sure to contact us. Fill out this form below and we will contact you today.