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I would love to share the valuable resources I have collected over the year's to get help you and your business

Business Accelerator is a focused method to create massive content for social in a fraction of the time.  You need content and video, the problem is a fractured social media plan does little to improve your business and you are so busy it is impossible to dedicate 20,25,30 hours a week to social content.  No one can tell the story of your business like you can, so how can you leverage your time to be more effective ?

A unique method of extracting content from video !!

We have created a really effective method to get REAL content in a short period of time.  By REAL, I mean your genuine voice.  The real you that is out with your friends. People are drawn to your business because the passion and drive you have dedicated to making it successful.  The REAL and GENUINE YOU.

MKE VIDEO creates content to increase your business !!


Video Presence is an all-inclusive package that includes Three Videos of the story of your business. You have a unique story of how you got here and we want to help you tell it. 

  • 3 Videos about your story
  • Accelerator Session
  • 6 hour On-Site video session
  • Motion Graphics and Titling


This is a unique method of exponentially creating great content for your social in a fraction of the time. Includes 3 videos, 30 post on social platforms and revolutionary method of distribution. Includes: Video Presence Package 

  • The Video Presence Package
  • 30 social media posts
  • Automated Distribution


MKE VIDEO Web Development creates website to build your mailing list, distribute content and sell products. We create digital and analog material to cohesively market your brand.

  • Rebuild your your site starting @$500
  • Efficient layout to promote sales
  • Capture, book and grow your network

Could we can set-up a meeting and talk about your business ?


Share your Passion :: I woke up in the middle of the night and had a vision of what my business would be. This idea filled my head day & night, I am obsessed. Sound familiar? As a business owner, you can relate.  You have worked tirelessly to build and grow your business, it is part of who you are.  I get it.  I am right there with you and that is my drive to help you succeed.  I am working 24/7 to make small businesses like yours more money.   If you have a moment, let’s get together and talk about your passion, what keeps you up at night and how we can work together.

Samples of our work