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Create Video Content for our Business.

Creating video content for your small business can set you apart from your competition.  Videos for small business are an effective and useful component in any advertising or marketing campaign, capturing clients in any phase of their purchasing decision. Videos are effective when they are deployed on a schedule, properly prepared and well crafted.  Multiple videos are highly effective, as with any marketing strategy, timely repetition will better reinforce a brand.

Here are some examples of effective videos:

  • YouTube ad campaigns highlight special product benefits.
  • About us .  Who/What/Where of your company
  • Customer Testimonials
  • DIY related to your field
  • How to use products in your industry
  • Screen shots of installation or set up of products or services
  • How to fill out forms or documents related to your industry
  • Your Unique Selling Position.

Your business can benefit from creating solid video content to define your companies brand, affirm your unique selling position and convey the personality of your company.  People like to work with other people, showing your customers who are and what you are all about can set you a part form your competition.

Video creates a human connection on an intrinsically digital medium.

There are many effective uses of video in you inbound marketing campaign that focus on the top of the funnel.

  • Effectively demonstrate how to use your products
  • Special features
  • Useful tips on how to maintain industry specific equipment

As your clients progress through the sales cadence video can demonstrate

  • Your Unique Selling Position
  • Your expertise in a particular field
  • Benefits of using your organization

Finally when your customers are in the final stage of action video can explain how fill out critical and sometimes complicated forms or how your delivery and fulfillment system differs from your competition.

Video serves as a invaluable tool in creating an alliance or commitment between your customer and you.  The video demonstrates you have more knowledge and capabilities than your competition. Using video in any phase of the sales funnel will incorporate trust and a human genuine bond with your clients.  Content campaigns are effective when you are the most useful and helpful source of knowledge and information.  The days of the hard sell have past.  Touting your achievements are no longer effective.  Customers want to understand how they can helped.

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