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Marketing 101 : Plan of Action :: Generate more traffic to your website

You need more traffic and everybody wants to sell you an easy to use the method.  The truth is, success in marketing is hard work that requires dedication, commitment, and perseverance.  I would like to share a plan for you to use to be successful in marketing your business, increase traffic and convert more clients. What you […]

Topics for my business video

The idea of creating videos to enhance your inbound marketing campaign is exciting.  The prospect of where to start is daunting.  The most important thing, and you will hear it repeated, is to be genuine.  The customer is very educated with a vast amount of knowledge available on the internet. Your competitors are out there being genuine […]

How can I use video to promote my business

Creating a video to promote your business is an exciting prospect and can be rewarding in many ways. Businesses in Milwaukee Wisconsin are creating valuable video content and reinforcing relationships with there customer base. The question we often get is where to start. Video blog, or Vlog, as the sole means of content works for some companies, but is not the norm.  Video […]

How can I improve my business with video

GET YOUR BUSINESS VIDEO NOW !! [av_dropcap1]How do videos increase sales[/av_dropcap1] Providing more traffic through your sales funnel will allow you to focus on improving the sales cadence and increase conversion. [av_dropcap1]More leads, more sales.[/av_dropcap1] Throughout your process, you will need to ask the end user to take action. You have been asked three times.  I point […]

10 great resources for creating business video

The Internet is loaded with ‘how to’ blogs and videos on getting your business on line.  They start out telling you about how great google is how many videos are on YouTube.  You here the same shtick over and over.  We get it.  Business video works. So let’s cut to it. Myth :  If you pay […]

The Edge

Ok I am jumping on the shark bandwagon for one really powerful shark story. The Edge. Sharks have fascinated both Joe Romeiro and Bill Fisher since childhood. They each learned to dive as a tool to experience the power and mystery of sharks first hand. After meeting on a shark diving expedition, they teamed up […]

Preparing for a video shoot

Getting ready for a video shoot you probably are doing a little cleaning and making sure you rehearsed your message, all good things and you should.  Things you may have overlooked are the facility and all the little things that people run in to. Preparing your location. Whether you have a professional crew coming in […]

How to shoot a music video for your band

You need a video to play the summer festivals, local bars and to be recognized as a top level band.  Music videos are a blast to make and allow filmmakers to push the boundaries. The best thing about making music videos is there are no rules. Everyone wants to make the next big Ok Go […]

Create a business video about us

Many companies avoid making youtube videos because they don’t know where to start.  Where to begin.  One of the most overlooked pages is the About Us Section.  You evolve and grow as a company and rarely update the about us section.  Write and re-write this section every six months.  Making a video to tell what you […]