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Many companies avoid making youtube videos because they don’t know where to start.  Where to begin.  One of the most overlooked pages is the About Us Section.  You evolve and grow as a company and rarely update the about us section.  Write and re-write this section every six months.  Making a video to tell what you are all about is great way to convey the spirit or soul of your company.  Though this process you can re-inforce your Unique Selling Position.  The about us is one of the most universally visited web page on a site.
Lead off with your Unique Selling Position.
How your company can provide these products or services better than your competition.  Are you the leading expert ?  Are you the inventor ? Be authentic and genuine.
This is where things get fun.
You have to toot your own horn and let people know how great of a product or service you have …..with out bragging or sounding to brash.
Back in the day About Us read like ::
Our Company is a cutting edge technology leader in cloud based vertically deployed assets.  Using innovative broad reach integration we will incorporate your entity in a digital management system.
What the ?
Right , what is that . I am being fecicious but there are many companies that write using every hot buzz word of the day and cram every keyword long tail term they can find in to one sentence.
Just tell them what you really are.  Be authentic.
Start with addressing your customers needs.  Make this page less about you and more about what you can do solve your customers problems.  How can your reader benefit from using your company.  First time visitors want to understand your capabilities and capacity.  Give them stats , figures and numbers.  “ We make 100 widgets per day 7 days a week “.
If you are just starting out, tell your customer.  Let them know your success is based on their delightment with your company and you are going to go to any lengths to make sure that happens.  If you are a leader in your industry prove it.  Give them some real things they can understand and verify that you are the expert.
Bullet point your accolades and awards.  People usually will look that you won some awards and browse the list.  Keep it brief and move on to how you can help them.
Don’t be modest and avoid telling the world you are the greatest.  Show them just how good you are. Use plain and simple terms to describe how you can fulfill needs and solve problems.
Once you are done, you’re not done.  Keep working at it and update your company profile.
The video show embody your companies spirit.
If you’re a Realtor you want to convey integrity.
If you are a creative company you want to show your creativity.
Try to split it up in to three section or separate videos.
Vision – Here is the vision of you organization and how it can benefit the customer.
Operation – This is our staffs skills and systems that will fulfill your order.
Facility – The physical location can tell your customer a lot about you.  It makes you seem real and not just a web page.
You can make about us videos inexpensively.  Make this a starting point for your video content development. Keep making them.  Your company will evolve and change and it is important to let your customers know how you are improving !!!

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