[av_dropcap1]How do videos increase sales[/av_dropcap1]
Providing more traffic through your sales funnel will allow you to focus on improving the sales cadence and increase conversion.
[av_dropcap1]More leads, more sales.[/av_dropcap1]
Throughout your process, you will need to ask the end user to take action.
You have been asked three times.  I point this out because you don’t have to hard sell.  Most of you clicked through some of the other blogs listed above, others check out the highlighted link and other will clicked the SELL link.
I provided these as examples to show you it is possible to get leads and customers to take action without bombarding them with crazy selling banners and flashing graphics.
The customer taking action will be the key to increasing leads.
The videos will also retain your customers and keep your company top of mind in the future when they need to purchase other items.
If your customer is continuing engagement with you they will not be engaging with your competition.
An intrinsic and possibly the most significant aspect of how video will improve your business is the new sense of purpose and direction it will give your company.  MKE VIDEO works with many companies throughout Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois and we witness the transformation that takes place when we start creating video of the business.  Companies reach out to increase sales when sales are down and when sales are down morale is down.  It is hard to reach down and inspire people when things are not going well. Having an outside group come in and infuse new energy and new ideas inspires the whole company reinvigorates the company spirit.  Business owners and leaders appreciate the new energy because they get credited for the turn around.  Sometimes everyone may need an outsider to come in and see the greatness that is overlooked by routine.
We would like to spend  a little time with you and see how we can help you.
Many business owners see how video is proliferating every social site and people are constantly watching some sort of video.  Facebook is showing millions of videos every second of every day. Businesses are creating a video that tells about their company and testimonials of customers who had great experiences. These are all good things.  Video proves to be most effective when providing useful information for your customer.
The most effective campaigns are focused on benefiting the customer above all else.  This trumps selling, telling of your accolades or explaining your services.  Not to say you shouldn’t provide these. Our campaigns begin with a comprehensive company outline stating the location, about us and an outline of services. This is a great foundation to build your campaign on.  Customers will explore these aspects of your company as a result of finding useful information.
New customers thrive when they have useful demonstrations on how to install your product or Top 10 list of how your product rates. The most effective are to answer questions.
If you make a product or provide a service, what are the questions your customer is typing into google?  What questions do you ask and how do you ask them.  It is usually though to figure out at first but with a few tools and a little practice you will have this down in no time.  The title of this blog, “How can I use video to improve my business” , is a perfect example of effective questions.  We sell videography services, editing, and design.  Our customers rarely type in who do I hire in Milwaukee to shoot video.  They would be in the buying phase of the process and all of the research would be done.  What phase are you in reading this?  Most likely you are in the exploratory phase of the process.  Trying to understand how you can increase sales through putting videos on youtube, Facebook  or vimeo.    One hundred people will read this and a few will take the next step and take action on increasing their business through video.  The point is,  we are being useful to the masses in hopes of increasing traffic to our site, which improves our google rating which provides more traffic through our site and so on. If you read our blogs, we cover this same question over and over in order to increase the different possible combinations of how people will ask this question.