Creating a video to promote your business is an exciting prospect and can be rewarding in many ways. Businesses in Milwaukee Wisconsin are creating valuable video content and reinforcing relationships with there customer base. The question we often get is where to start. Video blog, or Vlog, as the sole means of content works for some companies, but is not the norm.  Video is best used a component of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy.
Inbound content marketing strategies have you start with developing a persona of your customer base and prospective clients.  Video campaigns are an extension of your content campaign and will be a great supplement if used right.
Your customer needs to view your company as an expert your field, give them valuable, useful information rather than selling them the latest widget.  The days of Glen Garry are over, coffee is for creators.   A guide to follow for content creation is 70% Information, 10% “Wild Card”, and 20% Selling. Simple Awesome uses this format for the actual content piece and the campaign.  Save the selling element for side banners and email sign ups.  Video content has a few different purposes. First is “top of the funnel” gathering as many people to start the engagement process with your company.   The second is reinforcing the brand to people who may be familiar with your company.  Third is giving valuable information that be the tipping point to making the decision to but.  Fourth is in A/B scenarios where your customer is deciding between Company A ( you ) or Company B ( your competitor ).  The video can be the deal maker because your customer will view you as the expert. There are more benefits but lets start here and we can go from there.
Creating a campaign is like your blogs, PPC or social, a good strategy will offer good results.  Remain agile and don’t put everything into one concept, most concepts underperform.
What do we video ?  Start with an About Us section.
  • 24 words that concisely state what you do and who you are.
  • Keep it short.
  • Be  genuine.
  • Put your best foot ( or face ) forward.
  • Practice before you hit record.
A lot of organizations make 2-3 About Us videos and like your about us section on your web and social presence, it is important to update this annually.  The three topics to cover are:
• Vision – the mission statement of your company, The dream you had when you started. Your core values, product or service.
• Operations – The personnel, experience and systems to make the vision come to life.
• Facility – Customers like to see real people in real places.  They can relate to you on a human level.  It is very powerful to create common connections with your client base.  If they see you are going to work in a place like they go to work they sense that bond.  If you are a financial based company , you can demonstrate your integrity, wealth and stability.
Keep all of these short.  Engaging your staff by going back to the roots of your organization create unity and strong team.  Get everyone engaged, you never know how may be your strongest video talent.  Lots of companies have gone from good to sensational through a hidden talent in there ranks.  Video personalities are hard to find, some people just look good on video and some don’t.  Some people have no problem talking and some will struggle.
Next offer valuable information that would pertain to your industry.  Instructional, DIY, helpful hints, or screen shots.  People are constantly looking for “how to” videos.  You has tens of millions of “how to “ searches per month.
Ideas :
Real Estate agents could make videos on:
  • How to inspect foundations or gutters.
  • How to fill out a form or a tax document.
  • Best home improvements to make to increase resale value.
Tech Companies  could :
  • Use screen capture and walk through the installation or the trouble shooting of a complicated driver or software.
  • Maintaining or cleaning  a type of hardware your company uses.
  • This years trends in your area of expertise.
These are some very basic concepts that can be transposed to your business.  Brainstorm with your team, Google some topics and look for ways to be creative and helpful to your client base.
Creative thinking and a little bit of research can help you with creating your campaign.  Look for high value long tail keyword phrases and apply that concept  to a 2-3 minute video.
Be sure to look at our other blogs for idea, tips and proven tactics in getting your business recognized.
If you would like to talk about your ideas or discuss creating a campaign be sure to give us a call.