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This isn’t a hack, a magic pill or $5000 webinar.  Nope, just the basics, a few absolutely positively fundamental concepts that will 100% get you more clients if you do the work.  Sound familiar?  In coaching, you have the tools, you can give them to your clients but unless they do the work they aren’t effective.  What I am going to share with you is everything you need to take your business to the next level.

Let’s Get Started.

Ideal Client, or “IDC” for short, is an important foundation piece for every marketing plan. Each component is equally important and requires equal attention. A lot of programs will tell this or that is the most important, but really they are all important.  You understand this as a coach, you can’t have a good work life if your health is a wreck or your relationships are neglected.  The same concept only with marketing.  You need balance (Daniel San), to achieve greatness and success.

What is the Ideal Client ?

Think of your customer. The ideal person you would like to work with, the kind of client that gives you a burst of energy when you think about doing work for them. We all have a few clients that we can’t wait to do work for because the work just flows.  The energy sparkles and ideas come out of nowhere.  The connection is a harmony of energies.  A beautiful thing and why can’t we have more people like that in our life.  The difficult and challenging clients will always be there.  We need them, we learn from challenges and struggle, and that’s how we grow.  Take time to explore how you can attract the clients that energize you and the clients that will challenge you enough so you can continue to grow while reducing the drainers.   We go into this deeper in our Webinars on Marketing For Coaches. Here is a link to an upcoming event

How it Works

This is all for you and you don’t need to share this with anyone.  Get weird, get funky.  Live a little.  The creative exercise is spectacular.

We will have the Deep Dive version available in our Webinar, so be sure to check that out.

To get started: Write out who your Ideal Client is.

Give them a name, gender, marital status, family life.

Then go into their job, what do they do, are they happy at work, what is their income?

What keeps them up at night?  How can they use your service to solve this pain point

We have a much deeper version in our webinar, so be sure to check that out, so you can make your business the best it can be.


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