Deliver content at scale to efficiently distribute content to your employees, clients and prospects.


By delivering more efficiently you can increase productivity, retention and loyalty.


Increase your impact in your industry and reach more people through a scalable platform.


MFC creates systems that work for you!.  Our systems are trackable, scalable and have clear ROI metrics to effectively track your investment, retention and loyalty.

Micro Learning Systems

We do the heavy lifting so you can stay focused on your business.  Let us take care of the technical integrations, the software the framework.  We provide a system to define your curriculum, develop your learning module and refine your content.

Course Creation Process:


One on One coaching to structure the content into an effective teaching format



Custom WordPress framework, integrations and tracking.



On-Site Video Capture or in our studio

Video Editing

Video intros, graphics, and titlers.


Design and create downloadable material

Create slides for webinar

Design marketing material

“Online Education is one of the fastest growing industries in the world”

“His work blew away my expectations! He has an incredibly creative outlook and can picture the solution to your problem even when you don’t know it yourself. I strongly recommend Jon to anyone looking for course creation!”

Ben Kral

Personal Results Specialist , Tony Robbins Research Institute




During this free consultation we will discuss how you would like to distribute content and what is the most effective solution for you.


Enhance and scale your learning and development programs with interactive employee training videos that can be viewed from anywhere.

MKE VIDEO will design, develop and create a complete 5 segment Micro Learning System complete with engagement tracking, performance reports and installation to your LMS system.


Enhance and scale your learning and development programs with interactive employee training videos that can be viewed from anywhere.

Micro-Learning Systems are an effective and efficient method to distribute information to your audience.

Micro Learning is a method of reorganizing information into segments that can be processed easier by the viewer.  In your organization you may have run into a time when you have struggled to get people on board with an initiative or concept and Micro Learning Segments can help solve this for you.

There have been numerous studies into the modalities of information distribution and how people learn.  Micro Learning Segments engages your audience by carefully curating the content to be delivered, organizing it effectively and using visual, audio and emotional cues to improve engagement and retention.

Your audience is accustomed to consuming content that is attention grabbing, short and to the point.  We have been programmed through YouTube and Facebook to engage with content that follows a few basic marketing constructs.  Micro Learning takes advantage of marketing strategies and how viral content is created to exponentially increase engagement and retention. 

Nurture and support your goal.

You have delivered content to a group of leaders or employees and when everyone leaves they are all in!.  There is support and energy behind the initiative, the buzz is alive.  2 weeks later, everyone gets busy. A month later and a new project has grabbed the attention of your audience. After a month or two, crickets. Then you re-launch after a few months delay and start all over.

Micro Learning will solve this.  

You can use the Micro Learning segments as follow up 2 weeks after,30 days after and every month to help nurture and support your initiative and keep it relevant.

“We are day trading for people’s attention” ~ Gary Vee

And this is even more accurate at work!



    Deliver benefits, compliance information and company culture through Micro Learning Segments that can get your new hire productive faster

    Save time effort and money onboarding your staff with Micro Learning segments to efficiently deliver required onboarding knowledge.’

    Give your new hires the information they need to succeed.

    Efficient employee onboarding is an essential part of every organization’s learning and development activities and video is the perfect tool to enhance your onboarding programs.


    With MKE VIDEO  you can create a library of new hire training videos with tutorials and best practices for every role across the company. You can introduce your company culture through executive video presentations. Provide employees and their families with on-demand information about company benefits and enrollment procedures.

    Delivering policy and compliance objectives

    It can be a challenge to deliver new policies and introduce new compliance objectives when you are day trading for people’s attention. The overwhelm of information can shut down the ability to learn effectively.

    You can use Micro Learning Systems as a valuable change management tool to implement your new initiatives with easy to understand segments.  By using visual cues, repetition, and guides there is an opportunity to deliver content over a longer time frame.