You need more traffic and everybody wants to sell you an easy to use the method.  The truth is, success in marketing is hard work that requires dedication, commitment, and perseverance.  I would like to share a plan for you to use to be successful in marketing your business, increase traffic and convert more clients.

What you need :

Website – A platform to sell products via ecommerce.  You can use a WordPress site, Shopify, or any other platform that allows payments and will accept payments.

CRM’s – like cVita allow you to schedule appointments, take payments and manage your calendar.  cVita is not the strongest CRM for cadence but very good in managing the day to day flow of your business.  The support is outstanding and I really like to product.

Product – A unit of measure to sell to someone in exchange for a certain dollar amount, sound basic.  A lot of you reading this site are coaches, consultants, and speakers.  Your product may be coaching that is sold by the hour and has an undefined endpoint.  I understand this and we can work through this to find a product. Frequently people will make product that they hink is cool or the solution to everyone’s problem.  Research will validate this or possibly The next post will talk about the product and how to develop a product from start to finish.

Social Media – For any brand, you should have all the social and web handles for a brand to be complete.  If you can not acquire all of them you should reconsider your brand.  A domain is not the most important handle, the socials are.  I have a few brands that have all the handles on every platform except for one.  Those brands are not worth as much as the complete brands.  It is very important to choose your brand and make sure it is complete.  Can you acquire handles from others or have Facebook grant them to you if the name is suspended or in limbo. The answer is NO.  Very rarely will you get a name out of limbo, buying will cost you way too much usually people ask for $10000 USD equivalent in bitcoin.


This does sound like a lot of work.  The good news is, you can set up one piece at a time and focus on building each component.  If each component of the product is built correct you can easily and quickly scale by outsourcing any one of the components.  Outsourcing like Toptal, fiverr and freelancer offer solutions to marketing, graphics and work to be completed.

It is not really hard to do when you follow a plan and complete each step.  I want you to be REALLY REALLY successful. ( so much so I put in CAPS ) So to get you on your way and into a successful marketing plan I have developed a series of posts to walk you through the whole process.  Once the infrastructure is set up you can interchange the product and deploy it on your platform with ease.  There are a lot of programs out there that will  charge you $3000, $4000, or $5000 for this exact blue print.

Check out the next post on marketing your brand.