This is my basic concept of marketing that I have dubbed the


I have Lion King music in my head, and since I mentioned it…now you do too…

and its kind more a hexagon, but go with it.

This is a shift from a lot of material on marketing that focuses on a hierarchical structure of importance to achieve success.  Instead of creating a hierarchy of what is most important and directing that you must do this or that, my approach is all about balance and making sure you have all the aspects of your marketing foundation covered.   You may start with Ideal Customer or Outcome but all are required in order to create GREAT content!  You cannot skip a step or half-ass it, you have to complete all of them thoroughly and completely.

So why is this so important.

It is similar to how might coach. Your client needs to have a solid foundation of health, relationships, work, life, and happiness.  If one of these aspects are out of alignment or worse, non-existent, all the coaching tools in the world will not solve their problems.  In marketing, it is the same idea.  You need to have your foundation in order and the content will be in alignment so the tools will work.

We have a webinar coming up covering this in depth.

Here is an overview of what we will cover.

Identifying your Ideal Client. – Creating an Avatar of who your perfect customer is.  This will include looking back and determining what services are actually bringing in the dollars. A lot of us remember things through different lenses but the numbers don’t lie.

Determine your Outcome. – What do you want to be doing in one, two or five years? Is what you’re doing today aligned with that goal.  Putting the big goal on the wall and focusing everything with precision on crushing that goal !!!!

The Big WHY Why are you a coach, what is your relatable, authentic drive that makes you want to do this

Clear Focused Product – This is refining your message and service to one focused niche.  Creating a very precise method of starting here and ending up there through these steps and here is how much it will cost.  This is a toughy, ‘specially with the coaches.  As a coach, you are meeting people where they are at and then getting them where they want to be.  I understand that.  But to be effective, it has to be clear or it is not marketable.  Everyone’s product is different so we will deep dive into this one and break it apart so it is easier to define.

Content – Creating content that will encompass all of these factors and effectively accomplish your goals.

M.A.P.  – The Massive Action Plan, this is the last step of everything we do.  Make a MAP starting with the outcome already existing.  An example would be if you Outcome is to gather 10k emails.  Start there and work your way back to your current state and build the strategy.

This is an undertaking and you will have some work to do.  The results will come, but it takes patience and persistence.  I am here to support you through this journey and will help you every step of the way.

Block out time on your calendar and let’s get this done !!