Getting ready for a video shoot you probably are doing a little cleaning and making sure you rehearsed your message, all good things and you should.  Things you may have overlooked are the facility and all the little things that people run in to.
Preparing your location.
Whether you have a professional crew coming in or you are doing it yourself take a moment to look at your location and decide where you are going to shoot.  Indoors is best because there can be more control over the environment.  Shoot with the sunlight in your face as much as possible, don’t put your back up against a window during the daytime.  Listen for coolers, air conditioners and heaters, are any of these things cycling on and off that will cause a loud hum or rattle.  Will there be customers or clients passing through at the time of the shoot ?  Avoid logos or brands in your shot.  Avoid having music on in the background, primarily due to licensing issue and secondly because it not the right way to do it. Make sure you check the temperature, if you are creating an ad wearing your company t shirt in the middle winter, turn up the heat. Likewise in summer you don’t want to be sweating in front of the camera.
Light and electric.
You will need all the electric you can get your hands on.  Be aware of where the outlets are.  When self producing you will need all the extension cords, power strips and lights you can find.  Normal shoots we will bring out 4500 watts of lighting,  1000 w key light will take one circuit, (2) 500 watt fill lights and rim lights will use another.  Check out our lighting tutorial blog for more information.
Food and Water.
Food and water are so important on a long shoot.  If you have a crew coming in, you will get much further along by feeding everyone well and offering plenty of refreshments.  Avoid alcohol, keep everyone hydrated and the Talent on camera will need a lot of water if its their first time out.  A catered sandwich platter and snacks will be a huge hit on a long shoot.  Happy crew makes for better videos.
Restrooms and changing areas.
Depending on how elaborate of a production you are making remember that Talent and crew will need clean restrooms and an area to prep and primp.  A good mirror with outlets near by are always needed on a shoot.
Chances are you may miss a thing or two, its ok, don’t sweat the small stuff.  Make a great video and learn from your mistakes.  Get out there and make another video and you will continue to be better as you go.
Thank you for reading our posts, we appreciate it.