Preparing for a video shoot

How to prepare for a one hour video shoot.
Most small business owners get excited for the prospect of making their first video.  It will be easy just sit in front of the camera and talk about their products or services.  It is that easy, but once that red record light starts flashing people get nervous. Nerves cause people to become introverted, which is the exact opposite of what is effective to create good content.  It is important to constantly remember why you are here, to get a message out and engage your customer. You are under hot lights and saying the same sentence for the 12th time and the end user of this video ultimately has to relate to your inspiration and passion.
So how do they do it ?
Practice.  The more you practice your message and what you want to convey the better you will be.  Read it on your own till you have the concept memorized and then talk it through with a colleague.  Talking though usually reveals the little words that are transposed and out of place while straightening out the flow.  Finally rehearse the bit with a constructive audience.
When going through a segment with another person you hear what you are saying even though you have rehearsed your online video content over and over.  The most effective online content states the purpose in the first ten seconds ends and should ask for a call to action three times, ending with a clear set of instructions and a thank you.
Outline of a Selling Message
  • Purpose of the message – The hook why should I keep listening.
  • The description of the message in 3 second form.
  • Call to action – What should they do , click a banner, buy it now?
  • The benefit of engaging in this Call to Action
  • Call to Action again
  • How to Act now. Instructions
  • Thank you
Avoid using big promises that you are the greatest thing ever and just be genuine and authentic. Video on the internet requires authenticity.
In the end this will save you production dollars and make you more money through having a really good product. It is important to remember that this
Download one of our outlines on effective messages for your business and feel free to call to talk about your campaign.

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