Video Presence


Video Presence: Video for your business to increase your client roster

Package Includes

 Three videos, 30-120 seconds long- describing the operation and story of the business.
• Motion Graphics and titling with company information and messaging
Accelerator Session to assess your social presence and provide solutions
• Deployment strategy on your social platform.



Video for your business. Perfect for corporate video, explainer video or video to tell your story.  Our video production service gets you in front of your clients. This service provides an essential need for business, Marketing. [Almost] Every business needs marketing and most will agree they need to use video to promote their business. The challenge is what kind of video do you make ?… and why would anyone watch it? Most video campaigns are a poorly put together video by a distant relative with 3 views after one year of languishing in a Youtube abyss. The small business believes that video is not an effective method and gives up.

Video for your business to get your company relevant in social media. This full service includes everything and we give you action items to make your company better
• 3x 30-120 second videos
• Onsite videography
• Editing and motion graphics

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We want to tell your story.  The struggles and joy you experienced in creating and running your business.  The story is the WHY behind your brand and we are here to help you tell it.  Our approach is to use technology and creative process to get your story to the world.

Video ::

To capture your story through interview and discussion.  Our team will work with you and your staff to understand what you are about and the unique you that your customers love.  Our cinematic approach can project your message as dramatic, heartfelt or light and witty, we are here to bring out the best you.

Content Development ::

Content Development is what your company needs in order to grow. The world is connected to social media and we are all day trading for our customers attention.  If you are tending to your customers need for information, you will be be successful.  The formula is easy.  Create more and better content than your competition and over time you will be the winner.  That takes dedication, time and effort.  MKE VIDEO is your partner in developing content to increase your income and make your life better.