Quote Cards- What are they and how can I use them ?


This is a fantastic component of any marketing campaign.  A quote card is an image with one of your quotes on it to help solidify your brand.  There are some trick and hacks we learned that will accelerate your SEO and also give you a massive amount of content quickly and easily.


A card with an image and quote that represents your brand


A short quote that conveys a message alignment with your brand.

The benefits are :

  • Enhance your Google strength. – Done correctly you can enhance your SEO and rank higher.
  • Branding – Strong brand development through design.
  • Top of mind – Good Quote cards are saved and re-used on many platforms.
  • Sharing – People share good messages and will develop your network.

How do you make a Quote Card ?

You can use STENCIL  or Canva as a stand-alone content creator.  There are templates available and it is super easy to use.  You can also use Adobe Photoshop if you are an advanced user to create amazing images through a template.

Social-Booster is our favorite right now.  1. it works with the new facebook al gore rhythms and 2. it has content creator built in. C. It's super-duper-cheap.  Awesome !!

( We don't get paid by Social Booster, this is the platform we use and love )

We have a long Webinar on how to do all of this on July 23, but here is the short version.

The Quote Card :

Here is a mock up example:

  • Colors and identity that set it apart.
  • Good SEO- Include Alt Text for image
  • Color and Brand Consistent through campaign
  • Correct Sizes for each platform


  • Capture Image -Use VLCMEDIA to capture images from video or use stock photos from Pexels or Pixabay
  • Capture Quote - Use GO TRANSCRIPT This is a platform that will allow you to take pre-recorded audio or video and convert it to text.  We use this a lot in creating a massive amount of content.  This service is human and the content comes out very clean and organized.
  • Load the images into Social Booster- go to the Studio BETA tab. It is pretty straight forward.


VLCMEDIA – Video image capture Device

STENCIL – To overlay text on image in the correct format

GO TRANSCRIPT – Transcribe with accuracy - $10 bonus

SENDIBLE – Social Media Distribution Platform

To distribute them you can use Social-Booster instead of STENCIL and SENDIBLE .

It is a ton of information to take in and this post is very brief,

Need more help ?

Check out the video below with a deep dive on how to create Quote Cards with Social Booster


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