Marketing for Coaches- Staying focused when creating social media content

Social Media
Staying motivated to create content over the long haul.
Grow your social media presence so you can grow your business.
Content creation is the main driver of fresh traffic to your site. Once visitors arrive you need a strategy and method to get them to give up their email.  The first step is getting you to stay focused over a long period of time to keep the fresh content flowing
The challenge is staying committed one week, one month or one year out.  The road to being super successful is very straight forward.  Create content consistently and for a long time and you will beat your competition.  There are outliers in your business or field that are increbibly success and create massive wealth through content creation.  The secret is there is no secret.  It is perseverance, dedication and commitment to creating content on a regular basis.  You have to run a good business and a have a good product, but you can have an ok idea and put it out there to the world.  As you build your tribe you can fine tune your product and make it better.  So how do YOU stay focused and committed to keeping up on regular content .  The answer is you have to find your own answer.  There are to many personality types in the world to sit here and give a one size fits all answer to the problem.  Everyone is different.  But you can find an answer on the internet.  There are so many resources available to help people stay on track, you might have to try a few.  For me it is important that I train myself on good habits.  I call it programming.  We are all programmed in different ways and for different lengths of time.  Our parents program us to fear this, follow this direction, and what you SHOULD do to be successful.  All
of these play a role in your motivations and habits that shape our day.
I use a few techniques to create better habits and develop strong character traits.
  1. Structuring my day. It is very important that I have a clear structure to my day/week/month/year.  The one year overview includes my goals and financial marks I would like to hit and is tied to my onepage business plan.  From here I can develop short terms plans to achieve the big vision. I create a monthly flow chart of what needs to accomplished in relation to my bigger goals.  This includes the financial marks to hit, my target audience and commitments.  The week looks similar and from there I create a daily smash list.  The Smash List is an index card of the things I need to Crush today to make this day awesome.  The Smash List is in chronological order and is the first thing I do after meditation and journalling.  I try to pack more and more on the list to push myself to get a lot done.  The result of attending a lot of seminars and reading a lot of books is I am aware I can accomplish more than my mind believes I can.  The way I can do this is to be physically well, spiritually healthy and have a clear idea of what I working to accomplish. Push your self to do more and crush the day.
  2. Healthy body.  This is something you wont read in a lot of social media how to's and it is the foundation to my success.  I write better when I work out 3-5 times per week.  The science is in on this one.  More oxygen to the brain will help you write, speak, and interact with humanity much better.  I have more energy and can complete more tasks when I have a good workout in the morning.  Start out slow and do 30 minute a few times a week.  Just stretch and treadmill to get yourself going.  Commit to a few times a week and stick with it.  Workout buddies are a good solution for some people, you tend to push each other.
  3. Strong mind.  Learn, read, write, create and engage.  If you have everything to learn, you will have the whole world ahead of you.  Take some time each day to learning.  My Uncle bought my a daily devotional book that has a one page story on one topic each day.  Today they talked about cloning and the first cloned sheep.  I don't really need this knowledge but I am learning everyday.  I spend about two hours of everyday in an educational mode.  That is 15% of my functional day reading, listening to podcasts, or youtube.  Drives are a perfect time to load the podcast and start driving.  I set my tablet up for podcasts and my phone for voice recording.  I need a voice controlled version.
As you can see the first step is almost a step zero.  In order to create the content you need to be effective in the market place you need to adopt the right mindset.  There is no magic bullet.  I have found a few things to be useful.
  1. Gary Vaynerchuk "Crushing It". Gary speaks to me in a motivational way that keeps me focused.  He talks about staying humble and keep your eye on the big goal.  He re-itterates the fact that the super successful are the ones that work long hours and skip watching Netfilx every night. Instead they are creating content, answering emails and doing the deal.
  2. Keep moving forward.  You don't have to go crazy and do a million things everyday, but don't stop. Keep moving and make progress everyday.
  3. Push yourself to see how much you can get done.  With the right mindset you can accomplish a massive amount of things in a day.   If you give yourself 2 months to do something , it will take you two months.  If you have 2 days to do something it will get done.  Ship it, as Seth Godin says.  It is important that I create a structured time around getting things done and time when things arent't.  Weekly I have a few BLITZ days were I put a massive amount of work in an organized list out for the next day.  I get a good nights sleep and workout in the morning, eat right all day and the CRUSH IT !!!! .  Now this did not happen over night.  I actually went to a Tony Robbins seminar and learned I could do it.  Before that I was programmed to believe I could only accomplish a certain amount of things in a day. I was shaped to believe that "you should rest and take it easy , you work too hard " What I have found it that it is possibile to get more done when you really frame the day ahead of you.  Start out with a list with a bit more than you can do and then practice, practice, practice.  You will realize that you can accomplish a MASSIVE amount of work with a a strong mind and a healthy body.
I hope you find this article well.  I am dedicated to sharing these experiences with all of you in hopes of making the world a little better than the way I found it.
May peace fill your heart and the beauty of the Universe fill your soul.

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