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3 1/2 ways to improve your social media quickly.

Leverage your time to get more out of your efforts.  Creating a social media campaign is extremely difficult to do over the long haul.  The rule is,  if you create a lot of content over a long period of time you will be successful. This may be a law by now.  Content is king. But it’s hard because ……

The time it takes to create content and then

….no one responds

Is it really helping your business… ? how can you tell, there are likes but…?

Sound familiar.  I hear you.  It is a challenge.  When I started out it was very challenging to get people to respond to social media posts.  I would wake up and post every morning, trying come up with clever things to write about and then after a few weeks I would fade out and get busy with work or a new idea.  We all seem to do it.  The busy season hits and social marketing takes a hiatus.  The slow season hits and we don’t have any customers.  Ughhh.  The other difficulty I ran into was keeping on target.  I would write about one topic and then after a few weeks, I would run out of steam and start on a tangent and write about all kinds of goofy stuff.

I want to share 3 1/2 easy tools and methods to help you shave some years off of your trial and error.


Commit.  Set aside time that will be dedicated to content creation and mark it as an absolute. Three weeks into it when you have no sales and no engagement, don’t give up.  Look at what you are doing and find another message, another way of saying it.  Try new things, break rules, follow rules…just keep at it.  Don’t give up and keep posting.  If you want to support, ideas, new energy, call me, I love talking about marketing.  I can help you brainstorm and it will definitely help me.


Broadcaster : Get a deck to deploy your social media. This is absolutely essential in creating a campaign.  It is impossible in so many ways to do this manually. Not only that you have no idea what you are doing because your posts become fractured and disjointed.  With a deck like Sendible you can schedule your posts to platforms and see exactly what you are getting into. When you have a platform to broadcast you can send during optimal times, stay consistent and plan your campaigns. Alternatives are Hootsuite, Social Booster, Buffer and  Sprout Social.

Buffer and Social Booster are inexpensive and a little quirky.  They work fine for a startup or small campaign.


Campaign Board.  I use a dry erase board for my social campaign, but you can use a spreadsheet or a piece of paper, or whatever works for you.  Across the top I have my Prime Directive.  The purpose of creating all of my marketing.  Which is to help others improve their business through video and social marketing.  Below that, I have the days and under each day I have a topic.  Monday is Motivation, Friday is Facebook.  You can see the pattern. This way I am always on topic and can remain consistent.  Below each topic, I add notes about what I am doing and new ideas I have.  Each day becomes its own little entity and has its own set of nifty ideas that I can pursue.  When developing content I can brainstorm on one day to develop interesting topics.  Then when I go to develop content I can go down the list and build a cohesive message.

The Half

Offer or Ask.  Tie in your Prime Directive with an Offer or an Ask.  You are in business to create income for you and your family.  It is challenging to ask people for money or an email address and close the sale, but it is part of the deal and you have to in order to make your campaign profitable.  People want to buy from people they like and trust. So how can you balance asking for an address and just being so good they want to buy from you.   There is a whole post being created on getting people to want to buy from you, so we will dive into that in our next post. For now, include an ask or buy now.  By the way, have you subscribed to my mailing list? Please do so below !!