The idea of creating videos to enhance your inbound marketing campaign is exciting.  The prospect of where to start is daunting.  The most important thing, and you will hear it repeated, is to be genuine.  The customer is very educated with a vast amount of knowledge available on the internet. Your competitors are out there being genuine and it is important you are too. Simple Awesome Video offers a package that outlines the basic points of where to begin.

Before the cameras, lights and crew arrive let’s go through some of the basics.
Your content should be inline with the content you create for your existing campaign. You know what works and what your customer is latching onto. Through experience, you can understand that every content post is not a home run.  Avoid recycling existing content by simply changing it into a video version of your text.  Create new exciting ways to show your company and throughout the series include your Unique Selling Position.  Why are you a better choice for them than your competitor?  Ask for a call to action in every segment.  The minimum is asking to subscribe to your video channel and to like your page.  Go beyond that and ask your viewer to download a white paper or template that will accompany the video.  Many instructional videos require documentation or guides for the viewer to download and print off so they may follow along. Use a gateway email to capture the email and put them in your sales cadence in your CRM package.  An effective method is to create three themes or topics to follow and write around these.
– Avoid shooting for the next “Viral” smash hit.  There is a wonderful video on winning the lottery is as likely as creating the next viral video.  It’s all luck.  Just be authentic.
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Script out what you are going to talk about.  Speaking off the cuff and being a natural rarely works and will cost you time and money.  When writing things down and reciting them to your self and to someone else you can hear the rhythm and how your script is shaping your message.  Rehearse the script a few times prior to shooting so you are familiar with where you are going.
Start strong, clearly state this is the purpose of the video and draw them in early.  Fill in the middle with the body and a call to action and end strong with call to action you reinforce your unique selling position.
• Start with our About us blog tell your customer who you are and your Unique Selling Position.
• Use a person who your customer Personas will appreciate and like to hear a message from.
• Include Call to Action throughout your message
•Read our blog on different types of videos you can make.

Have fun and if you have any questions or need any advice please be sure to contact me