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Coaching has become very popular. Nowadays, most people have become more open to personal development and self-improvement. This is the reason why people go to a coach so as to become better individuals. You will note that there is a huge variety when it comes to the type of coach that you want to be.
Who is a coach? A coach is basically a person who takes a person from their current state to the state where they would like to be in. This can be a state where a person has realized his or her career goals. It can also be a state where they experience inner peace and so on. You can readily decide to be a leadership coach, business coach, life coach and so on. You just need to have some skills in a certain area and then decide to help others in that are at a fee.  However, how do you get more customers in your business? There are many factors that you should consider. You will note that there are many coaches who are offering similar services to clients out there. In this case, you have to know how you are going to attract more clients to your business.

There are several ideas that you should consider.
These include:
1. Offer services first and then get paid later.  You should not focus more on generating more revenues from your clients. You should focus more on serving them. This will make them feel valued and loved. You should not show them that you cannot coach them without money. You should offer your services first and then wait to be paid. You will note that some clients might be willing to even tip you. It is important to note that the more people you help, the more you will be recognized. You might even get referrals from past clients. This is can help grow your business by a large margin.
2. Ask the right questions.  You will note that you will be getting different clients with different issues. You should ask the right questions so that you can know how to help them. You will realize that some clients might not be very comfortable being asked very personal questions. In this case, you can ask whether your clients are comfortable being asked certain questions. This can help you know whether the client is comfortable or not. However, you should keep everything professional. This can help you meet the expectations of your clients.
3. Consider video marketing.  You can use videos in order to advertise your services. You can take quality videos of your services and then post them online. You can even post them on your website. This can help you clients know who you are and what you offer. It can also help them know what to expect once they visit you. You can also post these videos on social media platforms. It can help you get more clients.


4. Network with other coaches.  If you want to get more clients, you should not ignore your competitors. You will note that your competitors are not your enemies. You should take advantage of this and connect with them. If there is a local networking group, you should not hesitate to join it. You will note that you might not be able to cover all the areas that the clients might expect. On the other hand, they might not also be able to cover all the areas that their clients want. In this case, you might get referrals from one of your competitors. This can help in increasing your customer base.

5. Spot-on branding.  It is important that you come up with a branding statement that states who you are, your ideal clients and what you can do for them. You should also include a statement indicating the reasons why they should choose you. You should incorporate this statement in all your social media platforms.

6. Choose a good niche.  There are many areas that you can choose to offer coaching services. You should identify your niche and then purpose to provide value to your clients. You should not choose an area that you are not good at. This can be detrimental. If you offer quality services, you will be able to attract many clients.

7. Be consistent.  You should be consistent in nurturing your clients. You should always provide valuable content to your clients. This can make your customers increase their credibilityon you. It will make them become more loyal to your business.

7.5 . Spend more time with your clients.  If there is an outdoor activity, you should spend time with your potential clients. This will make them feel loved and valued.

Consider these ideas today and you will get more clients in your coaching business. These ideas are truly incredible.

Have a wonderful day and go out to engage your clients NOW!!

Jon Taylor