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MKE CONNECT with Beth Ridley

Serendipity Labs 11220 W Burleigh, Wauwatosa
Virtual Event

MKE CONNECT, we help you Create, Create and Make an Impact by developing connections and delivering value to your audience. […]

CONNECT with Therese Heeg – The road less traveled to a better network

Virtual Event

CONNECT with Therese Heeg - The road less traveled to a better network

Join us every Tuesday at 10am for CONNECT a show about networking.

Therese Heeg has been networking for 30 years to build an incredibly successful coaching practice in Milwaukee.  An established leader in Leadership Development and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Therese will be sharing her journey from an introvert to the person can strike up a conversation with anyone in the room.  I have seen her in action and can not wait to share some of her exciting stories.

Bring your 30-second pitch because we will have an opportunity for everyone to share what they do and who is a good referral.

POWER NETWORKING – Social Media Posting Party!

Virtual Event

POWER NETWORKING!!  This week we support each other in a power networking event.  

POWER POST The first step is to create a great post on Linkedin for the event.  Include a call to action and how you help clients or why you love what you do.  You can do this prior to the event start

NETWORKING- During our event everyone will share who the perfect referral is and how the information in there post can help others.

SUPERCHARGE BOOST - After the event everyone will like, comment and share everyone else's post to boost all of our content in the LinkedIn Algorithm.