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One of the surest and fastest ways to boost the marketing results of a business is to work on the lead conversion or the sales process.

For most small and micro-enterprises, the lack of a systematic approach to the selling process is the biggest undoing in their marketing strategies. Online advertising almost always focuses its most efforts on increasingly generating more leads. But although leads are definitely an important thing to work on, the obsession with generating more and more of them consumes a lot of time, effort, and money.   Installing and setting up a sales system, i.e. one that everybody involved in selling in the organization can operate, is the quickest way to enhance overall marketing results. Our assumption here is that you have already narrowly defined the ideal client to target, come up with a clear way to differentiate your business, and you are also consistently building trust via educational content.

For most business enterprises we have worked with, the end result has been a dramatic reduction in the number of leads they are now chasing (lower expenses) while at the same time dramatically improving their customer lead conversion rates (higher revenues).   The observation is that if you are logically moving prospects through the online marketing hourglass, you are going to notice that by the time they reach a high level of seriousness about their buying decision, they will have already sold themselves. While virtually making selling a non-issue, this approach also helps convert your site visitors into buying customers much more easily.   Below we discuss the most essential ingredients required to actualize top outcomes in your lead conversion system:

– Discovery:   You need to arm yourself with a satisfactory planned response in case your lead asks for extra information. Although this may sound obvious, you will be surprised to learn that very few businesses do more than just react. If you hope to move prospects, you need to have a call-to-action, an education plan, and a alter that helps you qualify and direct your leads to the next step in the sales process. This is a very crucial step that can help you avoid chasing the wrong leads while simultaneously enabling you to create a unique experience. By interrupting the norm for your market niche here, you are also further helping cement how to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

– Presentation:   Once a potential client determines they need to learn more about your company’s specific offerings, either via a demo or a sales call, it is essential that you have a pre-planned way to present your business. This is the point where many salespeople will go out and try to give satisfactory answers to the questions prospects pose. The main challenge with this approach is that most prospects aren’t aware of what kind of questions they need to ask. In such a scenario, it is up to you to add value to this business collaboration by presenting to them what you think is useful, while also actively engaging them to unearth their unique challenges. While this is often part-scripted and part-art, it is something that should be consistently practiced across your entire organization.

– Nurturing:   Depending on the kind of buying habits you have identified in your ideal customers or the sales cycle your particular market niche or industry follows, you need to have a systematic method of keeping leads that are commencing an information-seeking process as they make their way towards the final buying decision. This is one area where you can leverage the power of technology to make automated contacts using an email or snail mail. Organizing education events like peer-to-peer panel discussions or online seminars can be also quite effective in the process of nurturing your leads as you continue to educate and inform.

– Transaction:   For many people in the marketing field, everything concludes at the point where the customer says yes. However, your lead generation conversion system needs to be created in such a way that it guarantees the same experience once a prospective client becomes a customer as that delivered during the courting period. The most surefire way to achieve this is via a planned orientation process that teaches the customer what they need to do in order to get the most out of what they have agreed to buy. You can do this via a simple training video or an even more elaborate new-customer process. Whichever approach you choose, this is an important step that can lead to a smooth prospect-to-customer transition. In addition, it also often sets the stage for future purchases and new referrals.

Reviews:   A great complete selling system must incorporate a process that enables you to not only measure but also communicate the results your buying customers are experiencing. Among the most effective ways to accomplish this, having a form of planned results review process is a great option. By setting the expectation for such a process upfront, you will be sending a very strong signal to your prospects that results do matter.

Here, you will also get a golden opportunity to address any issues that didn’t work as planned while also gathering customer testimonials and success stories.

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