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Share your gift and grow your business !!

What to write about? How do I create effective content?

I get these questions a lot and wanted to share.

Your story and your gift are the perfect thing to write about and engage your audience and build the tribe.

Here we will discuss learning the best way to tell your own story and be using storytelling and/or narrative posts on social media

In both these sides, you will have to involve your story. But what matters is the context and the stage you will set. The main objective of learning to tell your story is being able to inspire other so that they can relate to you. They will get the inspiration to believe that they can also achieve what you have achieved. To effectively develop your story you might want to explain about the details such as your family and your career to help people understand who you are, the results you have seen so far or you expect to see in the future, and what excites you most in this field

While telling your story you should make it more of a conversation instead of just going through a list of things to say. It is important to understand when you make it a conversation you will be able to build trust and make people see that you are transparent. Such people will feel free to tell you even their secrets and this will build a strong relationship.

Personally, I entered this business to create a video for any business that needed it.  I started working with coaches a few years ago and discovered that Coaches were my Ideal Client.   But at first, I was very unsure of committing to one niche and letting go of the “other” work I was doing.  The “other” work kept me busy and I was able to make a stable living which was important in raising my then 5-year-old daughter on my own.  Going all in to exclusively work with the coaching industry was a big risk, or should I say venturing into the unknown. How could I give up stability to do something I was passionate about. My programming, the older-wiser-smarter people who advise you when you are raising your first child , tell you how stability and good insurance are a must now that you are a single father. But I did it, because I realized what my values were and what my purpose was and the only way I could trly be of-service to others was to commit to sharing my gift, my skills and my talents to making an impact on the world and
Here I am.

You can see the way I have told my story is more of a dialogue where people can want to also tell me their stories. There are a lot of people who can relate to my story and they are more likely to open up. Through social media, you can be able to tell your stories even through pictures from when you were a small child to where you are now. It is helpful to make sure that the content you use makes you attract more visibility and at the same time makes you stand out.

To connect more with your audience you should choose clear messages which are easy to understand. You should also choose the right platform and ensure all your stories are authentic. Effective storytelling it is also paramount to include images on the content you post. While telling the stories make sure you choose powerful topics which will capture the minds of your audience. If you tell stories properly you will be able to change the attitudes and behavior of the people you are communicating with. This is because stories are always effective and powerful since our lives happen in narratives.

I appreciate you being a part of our community and please share your story in the comments below ~!