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When we began this process I said that you can start anywhere as long as you do all the steps.  It is essential that the first four are down before you make a Massive Action Plan or Content.  The Foundation is the Ideal Client, the Big Why, the Outcome and the Product, all of these need to be completed to guide your content creation.  In your Massive Action Plan you wrote down your next steps.  As a coach and as a business owner you probably have experience in future planning or action plans.  It would be great if you shared this in our Facebook group so others can learn from this.  Again this is a community of coaches that have so much experience and knowledge that it is so powerful when we can share and grow as a community.

Creating content is what this is all about.  Having a good foundation will guide how, why and what you will be creating.  You will notice that I have labeled this creating great content and that could be a blog, a video or blurb, a picture or thing.  Our Massive Action Plan is closely tied to our content because it defines what days we are creating what.


GO….Create Content Now,  !!

Take five minutes and go post something on Instagram and FaceBook Now !!


Let’s tie this all together.

Creating content that will engage and connect with your clients.  Your client base is unique as your business, and they are connected with you because of you.  They have met you or read your work, watched a video or attend an event you presented at.  They like or better yet… LOVE you and what you are about.  Remember this when you are creating content.  I am sure you have read a bunch of blogs that say be authentic and be genuine, but we all have this robot trigger that kicks in when we get asked about our business that kicks out the pre-programmed blah.  When we write content we end up in the same space.  Sometimes the programming from our 6th grade English teacher kicks in about what we can and cannot do in writing and the pages come out bland. We are going to go deep in to techniques in our Webinar on July 23-25th

Genuine Self.

The authentic wonderful you.  I have learned from the absolute best in the business and they all say, “Be your self”, ” Speak from an authentic place “, yeah that’s easy when you are rich and famous and been doing this for a long time.  But what if you have self-image issues, or you’re new, or you have had recent trauma, there are so many reasons we feel uncomfortable writing, vlogging and creating.  So let’s blow up some thinking.

  1. Speak how you speak when you are hanging out with your friends.  People love you for you, don’t spit out a dissertation in every blog.  You coach and connect with people in a beautiful way and use that voice, that person to connect with your audience.  The people want to hear your ups and downs and all arounds, the way you talk and your humor.  This doesn’t happen in your first post, but it may come out in your 20th.  So get in there and work it out.
  2. Use technology, there is a lot of ways to get out there and create content.  We are going to show you how to use a few in the upcoming videos.  You can transcribe your video if you speak better than you write, you can have a podcast, interview people, just use images.  There are so many ways to make content and share ideas, you can’t do them all. Start somewhere and get crackin.
  3. Be Humble.  I have this sign over my computer that says ” The people you are talking to are smarter than you, BE Humble.” I have the unfortunate habit of going in to smart teacher mode and becoming a Teller.  Coaches are trained to ask why and be a guide, but I see lots of coaches shift from a guide to a teacher when the content comes out.  We all know when we allow the client to find their own answer while we help them on their journey.  Now think of this when creating content.  I’s a little challenging because the purpose of the content is to let people know how great you are and why they should like you …right ? Kinda , I have found there is a need to create guides or how to’s but they can be created from a place of humility by knowing your audience, respecting them and coming from a place of caring and nurturing.  I really believe when we act out of love and kindness and with our best intentions forward we create from the inspired place of the Universe

Now we have just scratched the surface of content creation, we have a many more blogs written on how to create content and the mechanics of each process.

Action Plan

GO create a post NOW !!

Ig, Fb whatever platform you like. Choose one and create a post that can engage and be useful to your clients. Be yourself and don’t try so hard.  Get all Tony Robbins and jump and down and dance around the house then write some content.  We all have our place where we create from, go there and get it done.

Part II is coming out tomorrow and sign up for our Webinar on July 23rd-25th