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Whoa Nelly, this is where we the heavy hits the metal and we start ROCKIN!!!  Yes it is.

The Massive Action Plan is the strategy before the tactics.

The biggest shift in my business happened when I carved out a section of time each day/week/month to just look at strategy and how I can be more effective in my tactics and actions.  I will get distracted or find a new idea or the next idea and won’t finish something or lose steam.  When we wander through the internet we get pulled in so many directions.  Google a problem you are having and you will find 10 ways to solve it.  Pretty soon you are watching a car repair video on YouTube, when your car isn’t broken. The M.A.P. gives me focus and clarity to what my big plan is and what are the little parts.


“This centers me each day and keeps me focused. “


The Massive Action Plan starts at the desired Outcome.    Something like, in 5 years my business will be generating $1 million dollars a year and have 5 coaches, or I would like to retire in 10 years or I would like to write a book.  As a coach you have a method of goal setting and affirmations, aligning these goals to your values, try using some of your own practice on yourself.

I personally have a set of goals that I write down each day in my morning meditation.  This centers me each day keeps me focused.  I write the same goals everyday so there are burned into my brain.  My workspace has a Big Board that has my overall strategy on it.  My main Purpose is in the middle and the actions to achieve the goal surround it.  You are in your own stage of your marketing and professional development and there is no universal answer to goal setting and creating the tactics of your M.A.P., but there is a framework to build off of to get you started.  We have a longer version of this in our Webinar on July 23rd.Marketing For Coaches Webinar

Strategy Session

Here is a simple breakdown of creating your M.A.P.

Outcome – 1,2 or 5 years down the road.  A measurable target you can place at a fixed time.

  1. Create a one page business plan and review this weekly with your team/mentors/advisors
  2. What are the steps to achieving this goal.
  3. Weekly/Monthly markers to hit
  4. Calendar to keep you on track
  5. Scheduled strategic development time.

Every Sunday I clear the board.  There is the Big Board which is straight ahead of me over the monitors and then there is the HOT board.  That is where I list my daily, immediate tasks .

The massive action plan requires one main thing…….



This means get up and do it. Shake your body and make it happen !!

Start Writing NOW!!

Sit down and grab a piece of paper, with your Outcome and Why in front of you , look at your Ideal Client and make a list of how you can Achieve your Outcome while aligned with your Why and see your Ideal Client loving it.  You are just putting every idea out there.  When you have clarity in your Outcome and you can see you Ideal Client the ideas will flow. Your goal probably centers around attracting clients.  We will share more tactics with you, but here is a general list.

  • Main Website built with capturing mechanisms
  • CRM system to engage and connect with clients
  • Video to show the people who you are
  • Really good content that shares you and your skills.  If you are a coach, you need people to experience change and feel the power of your work.
  • Sales – You must learn sales, the best way to not avoid the bad part of selling is to NOT sell.  Why not call people and see what’s going on, interview them or connect with them at networking events. Ask what is working well ( as it relates to your expertise ) and what is not.
  • Content-Content-Content, create massive amounts of content to engage and enlighten- it’s on here twice becuase it is that important.

We will go through this in more detail in our Webinar and offer you a few more worksheets to help you along.

There are a lot of methods for creating to do boards or M.A.P. boards, please share your ideas in our facebook group and help the community grow.