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What do you want to accomplish with your marketing efforts?

Having a very clear goal and outcome in mind will define your marketing project.  You may have a goal of writing a book, creating a webinar, getting more clients or making more money. Narrowing that down to a clear and measurable goal will give us a defined Outcome of the marketing and we can gauge the validity of the efforts.

Take it to the next level !!  As a coach, we hear and sometimes use this term often.  As a goal, what does that really mean?  When we can attach metrics and track them in real time we can see if we are really accomplishing our goals or just trying to feel good.  Goals can be accomplished when we have numbers, dates, and data to support we made it.

We will dive into this deeper in our Webinar July 23rd and provide you with tools to help you track your progress.

Here is a link: July 23rd,2018  Webinar – Marketing For Coaches 

Writing a book

Why do you want to write a book? Do you have the best material or a unique process you would like to share?  Is it to get more speaking gigs or add credibility to your practice.  I put this out there because there are a lot of books and a lot of self-published authors and if you do it right you can use this to leverage your business to the next level.  Every great coach should have a book at some point and don’t let it be your swan song.  If you are creating a self-published book, first get a coach to help organize and create the material correctly.  Rochelle Melander over at Write Now! Coach will help guide you through the book process. The marketing side is straightforward.  Your email list and blog are the mechanisms that will determine your success.  You have to get in there and hustle up a massive email list, that means having a sign-up app on your phone and when you are at dinner and people are captivated by your story, whip it out and get some names.  Hustle Hustle Hustle.  The content you write is the material for your book and you can work through how that will be used with your book coach.  How many emails is a loaded question, everything we do here requires that you have good emails and good content?  No wait, Great Email and Great Content!! …. what we mean by that is your email list has to be cared for and nurtured, the content has to be GREAT !! and engaging, people should respond to the material and be interested in using the tools you have to offer.

Should you put it all out there?  Good question, there is a thought process that if you put it all out there that you will then have to push yourself harder to find that net level of greatness.  Some of believe our million dollar process can’t be beat.  Once we let go of those limiting beliefs, we can break through those barriers and create material that is mind-blowing.  We will go into this more in the Content Module  and in our Webinar  Marketing For Coaches 

Creating a Webinar ?

If you plan on creating a Webinar the process is similar to a book.  We create a lot of webinars and the number one challenge for coaches creating webinars is -converting what you do with an individual to a digital format.  There is a process of converting your material, we coach you through that part and would love to discuss that solution with you – Contact us here. I have coaches who crush it in a room full of people but can’t write a blog, because they hate writing.  I have a separate set of blogs that cover this and we can remedy that easy enough.  So what do you need?  Emails, Content and technology.  The Outcome you are looking for from marketing is Emails by working through your content.

More clients?

If you are an executive leadership coach you don’t need 10,000 names on an email list.  You need 40 relationships with executive leaders in a particular field.  Some coaches need hundreds of leads and other only need a few of the right leads.  When we break down what is the outcome is, it makes the M.A.P. process clearer.  The content has a focused purpose and definition.

More Money?

Do you want $1,000,000 or do you want a certain amount of money to solve the pain points you have associated with lack of money?  Getting crystal clear on your financial outcome is important to understand.  If you are a coach charging $100 per hour, how can you achieve a financial goal of a million dollars?  You would need to scale or get a heck of a lot better at what you do so you can charge a lot more.

On the other hand, we may have financial pain points we would like resolved by making more money.  This could be a sense of financial freedom so you can travel, buy a house or upgrade.  It may be so you can step out of your 9-5 and just be a coach.  Break this down and find out what the numbers are.  Do you need to make $50,000, $100,000 or $1,000,000?  This will actually help you in creating content.  If you have a slow curve to wealth you can write without sales hooks.  If you have an aggressive financial goal you should be asking for a sale in every post, calling someone and asking for a sale every day and generating new leads every day.

The Meaning Of Life and A Donut

Three key Take-Aways.

  1. Audience is key. You need numbers.  If you want a great book launch or have a successful webinar launch you need numbers.  The audience needs to be great.  Engaged and dedicated.  A highly engaged small audience has great value.  I have created large databases of audiences that are not engaged and are on the edge.  They prove to be of little use.  When I re-worked my leads and network into one organism my sales went through the roof.  In webinar development and with books, there are great lessons to be learned from the success of others. Tim Ferris, Rachel Hollis, and Marie Forleo are all great examples of organic hustle to create a powerful audience and how to humbly appreciate and care for them  We will go into this deeper in the Client module.
  2. Content – Work through the material. Flush it out and test in a number of different formats. Blog, live events, seminars, anything to get you out in front of people to test your material.  This marketing strategy that you are in right now will also work for books or webinars.  You should also get a coach to help work the material and develop into a structure properly.
  3. Hustle and Advertise.  This is actually audience creation and nurturing.  But if you start on your audience now and develop a following over the next months or year that it takes to write your material you will be WAY ahead of the game.

With this plan in place, it is easy to see what kind of content you will need to create. You can write content that is testing out your material to see how you can refine and shape it better. You can engage and nurture your audience so they LOVE LOVE LOVE you, not by telling them what you do– but by sharing with them the solution to the problems they are living in…..and HUSTLE !!!!