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Milwaukee Video Production

Video Production Milwaukee :: MKE VIDEO video production company Milwaukee creates innovative video experiences through tv shows, promotional content, online learning systems, and episodic content production. We work with brands to create narrative and episodic content to tell your story, strengthen your brand and engage your audience.  Join us in our Milwaukee Studio for show creation and content development.  We create video content for businesses, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who need video to connect with their audience. 


Training Video

Corporate training Videos in sales, safety and skills. MKE Video specializes in creating effective learning content to share your message internally and externally.

Show Production

We offer complete show development, production and directing.  Deliver shows live or prerecorded.  Why create a TV Show?  It is a great way to connect with your audience and let them experience you as a person.


Online seminars, training programs and sales presentations delivered to multiple platforms with complete event administration, production and recording.


MKE VIDEO works salons, studios,  restaurants and bars to effectively create promotional and “about” videos.

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MKE VIDEO works with changemakers, coaches, and consultants who change hearts and minds to make the world a better place.

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Connect with like minded  small business owners to learn to tactics and strategies to make your business ROCK! Join us each Tuesday at 10 AM CST (-6 GMT) on Zoom, Facebook LIVE and YouTube


Home, America

Home, America is a new show we are producing to show where we call Home, all across America.  Each week we explore a new neighborhood, a new community around the country.  Our first season takes place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where Michael Creed from Luminate Mortgage visits some southeast Wisconsin’s most interesting locations. 

Join us each Saturday at 10 AM CST (-6 GMT) Facebook LIVE and YouTube

Client Reviews

Jon was instrumental in guiding me through the process of taking presentations and making them into an online course.  Jon is the course whisperer!

Ben Kral

Tony Robbins Institute

Thanks for all your hard on work on this.  I know that getting messaging right isn’t easy but when you put the time in to do it well, as you’ve done here, it does a lot more than just communicate and inform.  I believe a lot of folks who see this video and the commitment it shows will smile, nod their heads, and be more inspired to act on achieving racial equity in Milwaukee.  
I know I’m inspired by your work in getting us here and I’m pumped to push forward even harder!
Chris Abele

County Executive, Milwaukee County

I highly recommend Jon for any of your marketing needs. I currently work with Jon, both in the work he does for ICF Wisconsin as well as for my own business. Jon has helped ICF Wisconsin with our social media strategy, event promotion, and videos for our Member Spotlights and events. In my own business, Jon is helping me with my website, videos, social media and online course. Jon is an exceptional professional and a trusted partner.

Nicole Pulito, PhD, PCC

Talent Strategy Advisor and Executive Coach

Jon is the ultimate business partner to have at your side when you need to use technology to drive learning, change and transformation across your organization. He is innovative, professional, kind and fun to work with and he is an expert in his field! I highly recommend you meet with him soon to see how you might benefit from his services and creativity!

Therese Heeg M.S. ICF

Executive Coach/Trusted Advisor/ DEI Strategist/Change Master

What you Get

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Multi Camera
PA & Audio
Screen Rental
Zoom Admin
Show Producer
Remote Guests
Free Teleprompter
Free Parking
Coffee, Tea and Soda

Studio Tour

Join us at Studio A5 to discuss your show concept, an idea or just have coffee.  We would love to show you around Serendipity Labs!

11220 W Burleigh St Wauwatosa WI 53222