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Broadcasting and Conferences

MKE VIDEO creates an interesting customer experience for your virtual conference, convention or hybrid event. Using the latest technology we have developed new and exciting ways to make a memorable experience for your audience.

  • The state of the art facility is cleaned and sanitized daily.
  • Premier broadcast quality will make your conference look stunning.
  • Get actual Sponsor and Exhibitor ROI from your Virtual Event.
  • Consultations will ensure you are prepared and satisfied.

Safe, No Contact Video

MKE VIDEO provides a safe no contact studio in our Wauwatosa location. Create content or stream web meetings in a private studio with little to contact with others.

  • Guests enjoy a private safe room that includes a private entrance.
  • Separate camera control room for our crew.
  • New location, cleaned multiple times per day.
  • Our staff is gloved and masked at all times.

Micro Learning Systems

Enhance and scale your learning and development programs with interactive employee training videos that can be viewed from anywhere.

  • Create powerful lessons that your students will love.
  • 1 hour Strategic Planning Session.
  • Complete video production included.
  • Integrate the system into your existing site or create a new one.

Virtual Conferences and Broadcasting

Are you stressing over planning your upcoming event? Maybe you’re even considering cancelling it?

Why not go virtual instead? MKE Video offers virtual conferencing where your guests enter the event through an online portal.

But don’t worry! This doesn’t spell the end for attendee engagement!

MKE Video has developed innovative solutions to boost attendee engagement and provide an incredible user experience while offering packages for potential sponsors and exhibitors!


Virtual conferences are here!

Holding a virtual conference allows you to create exciting user experiences for your attendees and sponsors. We have a beautiful, multi-room studio for safe simul-casting event broadcasts.

Give your guests the ability to move between the rooms and network on our innovative video conferencing platform. And provide them with physical gift packages to open during the event!

We’ve thought of everything to make your next virtual conference a roaring success!


Let us take care of all the details

MKE Video specializes in multi-camera virtual conference streaming. Contact us to learn how to make your next conference happen without all that stress.

Your sponsors and exhibitors will even be able to purchase ad slots that will appear throughout the event with links in the chat to sign up for 1-on-1 video sessions.


Improved Virtual Networking

One of the greatest benefits of in-person conferences is when the guests get to network between seminars. And now you can have that with MKE Video’s Virtual Conference Center!

We have an integrated scheduling signup system to let your online guests easily reach out to one another and request 1-on-1 meetings during your virtual event! 


Change can be good.

With the pandemic closing down so many conferences, people have had to make changes to how they approach seminars and networking events.

You DON’T have to cancel your upcoming conference! We’ve got your back at MKE Video. Hold a virtual conference at our beautiful new studio space. With a safe environment and multiple camera broadcasts to amp up your event, you’ll be able to provide an engaging and effective virtual conference.


Safe, No Contact Video

Safe No Contact Studio

MKE VIDEO provides a safe, no contact studio in our Wauwatosa location. Create content in a private studio with little to no contact with others. 

  • Guests enjoy a private, safe room that includes a private entrance.
  • Separate camera control room for our crew.
  • New location, cleaned multiple times per day.
  • Our staff is gloved and masked at all times.


Broadcast Quality Virtual Meetings

MKE VIDEO provides high-end broadcast quality virtual meetings that use multiple cameras and rooms to deliver a high quality convention or seminar presentation.

  • Broadcast in isolation from multiple private rooms.
  • Remote operation of cameras.
  • New location, cleaned multiple times per day.
  • Our staff is gloved and masked at all times.


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Micro-Learning Systems

Optimize Your Business With Micro Learning

Scale Up Your Business – Create evergreen Micro Learning Systems to allow your audience to have access to you when they need you and have time to access your material.

Supplement Your Coaching – Micro Learning Systems can be used to automate an intake process, provide value added content or give your client a toolkit they can access between sessions.

Corporate Clients – Set your business apart by providing Micro Learning Systems to sustain your work in the corporate sector.  Micro Learning Systems can be in the organization 24/7, giving you a sustained presence within the corporation.



– Long, drawn-out content.

– Lacking structure.

– Monumental task to create

– The market is flooded with courses just like yours.

– Hard to adapt.

– VERY expensive to build.

– Sense of dread because you never start it, much less finish it.

– You have been putting it off for years!

– Your clients will never finish it!

– This is the old method of online training


– Precise content.

– Intentionally shorter.

– Easier for you to create.

– Can be used as a supplement to your coaching.

– Adaptable to current situations.

– Less expensive to build.

– Sense of accomplishment as you finish.

– You can start today!

– Your client’s will actually finish it!

– This is the next evolution in online training!

Select a Micro Learning System package that’s right for you.



A Step by Step system on how to build your successful online course and launch in 30 days.



  • Find your Client and create an Offer
  • Create a roadmap to success
  • Build your audience
  • Create powerful lessons that your students will love
  • Curriculum Builder
  • Accelerator Funnel Builder
  • Bonus: Websites that convert
  • Bonus: 3 New Funnel Builders



This is a great solution if you have a WordPress site and would like to create your entire platform on your website. We install all the software and guide you through the process


Includes everything in
Online Version, plus:

  • 3X – 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions
  • 1 hour Strategic Planning Session
  • Launch day support
  • Learndash and Memberpress Installation
  • System training
  • Step by Step Funnel build
  • Payment and email integration



We are here to help guide you through the entire process and be your partner in success. We ill help you build, create and launch your platform in this full service package.


Includes everything in
Independent, plus:

  • Complete video production
  • Video Editing
  • Weekly one on one calls
  • Extensive marketing strategies
  • Website updates
  • Landing pages

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