Welcome to our DOJO.

You can become a Video Ninja to set yourself apart from your competition.  Join us and you will learn how to…

Look and Feel Better on your next video call


Join us each week as we share ideas and trends in the online virtual world.


Learn about the latest technology and tools to help you deliver online better!!


Engage with other Ninjas around the globe to share experiences, successes and technology.

STEPS to becoming a video ninja

STEP 1: Download the Video Ninja Guide

Would you like to look better and feel better on video calls?

STEP 2: Watch the Two-Minute Drill for Video Calls

1. Optimize your internet connection

2. Place your camera above eye-level

3. Ensure an uninterrupted meeting

STEP 3: Watch Three Tips to Look Your Best

1. Clean your camera lens

2. Stabilize your camera

3. Improve your lighting

STEP 4: Watch Three Tips to Light Your Face

1. Invest in a basic light

2. Utilize natural light

3. Get your eyes to sparkle!

STEP 5: Join Us on Our Next Video Ninja Event

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