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Modern Web-Based Marketing

The best way to market your business is still on the web. Since COVID 19, web marketing has become even more vital. By following these steps, MKE Video provides the optimal marketing strategy for our clients, whether it’s web presence, product launches or reimagining your online brand.

Web Design

In addition to being the primary source of research for potential clients, websites allow you to sell your products or services and can be built into a portal that connects you with your employees, coworkers and clients. MKE Video can build eCommerce products, networking tools, online courses and memberships into your site. By designing a website that’s easy to use, SEO optimized and targeted for your market, you can ensure every visitor gets the most out of their experience.


Check out our demo page filled with interesting web elements for your website.

Marketing Automation

This is the biggest next step in online marketing. Instead of driving traffic to your main site pages, MKE Video creates an interconnected web of landing pages that guide visitors through your calls to action and generate leads. Once they connect, your email client sends them a series of premade targeted emails, nurturing them into a sale without you having to lift a finger.

Native Content

Another useful tool websites provide is native content, such as blogs, articles, instructions, videos and downloadable resources. Your social media posts and newsletters can drive traffic right to your native content, which MKE Video can surround with links into your web funnels. We also specialize in creating video for the web.

Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest have their own purposes for advancing your marketing goals. MKE Video schedules engaging posts that not only drive traffic to your native content, web funnels and website, but also start meaningful conversations with potential leads that improve your brand image.


Currently, many services cannot be performed without meeting face-to-face, but for products and select services, you can and should build eCommerce into your website. If you offer coaching or consulting, why not produce a professional video course that you can use to supplement your existing services? MKE Video creates beautiful shopping experiences and online course websites.

COVID 19 Safe Connections

Instead of face-to-face meetings, more and more often, business rely on video calls to connect with clients. MKE Video can integrate Zoom rooms right into your website, providing a high-quality experiences right on your website that can include additional information or calls to action without having to download the Zoom app. This is also a powerful tool for connecting with employees or coworkers who work remotely.

Zoom Your Events

Another powerful way you can connect is through stepping up your webinars to become interactive cinematic events. MKE Video can set up multi-camera streams for your client webinars and employee meetings that look incredible and incorporate slides, screen sharing, lower-third name labels and intro/outro animations.

Online Courses & Micro Learning

MKE Video specializes in creating online courses and converting your coaching or consulting services into a web service offering. By creating a digital environment for your clients, you can expand your client base, develop supplemental materials for your existing clients and build an environment for users that you can later use to up-sell and cross-sell your services.


Explore our Micro Learning Meta course for free and get a feel for it yourself.


MKE VIDEO creates sites that load fast and are optimized for mobile and tablets. Each site is processed through optimizers to crunch it down so your end user has a great experience.


You probably already have a website. Let us take the time to create a more efficient and precise message on how your customer can benefit from your services.


Our sites are built to convert.  We will build in booking apps, calendar integration, eCommerce and (if you are viewing this on mobile) that fancy call now button on the bottom.

Websites are a great place to make a spectacular first impression.

Using cohesive design elements, style sheets and our extensive library of content, MKE VIDEO builds sites that will stand out from the competition and convert your visitors into clients.

eCommerce and Shop Sites

eCommerce Sites allow you to sell physical products to your customers. The sites can be synced to your Facebook Shop, ShipStation and Payment Gateways to automate your process and give you options to sell your products.

Visit the live site here:


Online Course or Micro-Learning Site

MKE VIDEO creates Micro Learning Sites and Online Course Frameworks for Coaches, Consultants and Speakers.  Each site is built on a wordpress framework with Learndash and Memberpress plug-ins to create a seamless learning experience for your students.


Let’s get your site up and running fast. Whether you need an online course framework, eCommerce or a portal to connect with your clients, we can help.

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